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Leach Trusses are specialists in supplying timber roof trusses to domestic and commercial builds across the Sunshine Coast. As the structural framework for roofs of all types, trusses are an essential component in any build, providing a solid, stable base for a rooftop that stands the test of time and weather. Our timber trusses are fully treated to prevent rot and attack from pests, as well as being expertly assembled, ready to put in place as soon as they’re on site.  

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Choosing The Right Roof Truss

Leach Trusses’ timber roof trusses are supplied in three forms: attic trusses, standard roof trusses and feature trusses. While all three provide a simple, sturdy foundation for your roof, there are slight variants in each that are important to take into account.   A standard roof truss does the job for most commercial and domestic properties and acts purely as a skeleton for ongoing works, whereas feature roof trusses will become part of the aesthetic of your property’s interior with its beams exposed. You might want to renovate a property with an additional floor; in which case, an attic truss will provide the headspace you need to create an office or bedrooms, depending on your or your client’s preferences.   If you’re unsure of what might be best for your build, then please speak to us directly to discuss your project. We can offer you a free quote, including delivery to your construction site.

Expert Knowledge For A Quality Result

With decades of experience in roof trusses on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds, let Leach Trusses help your build come to life. We have years of industry experience and expertise, helping to complete a variety of builds with our strong roof trusses. Don’t worry if you’re just looking for trusses for a shed or garage or even a cubby house! Even if it’s a small build that you need timber roof trusses for, it’s always worth making sure your roof is built sturdy enough to withstand all weather and eventualities.  

Based in Landsborough, we’ll happily deliver our timber roof trusses to your build site. This means that you can crack on with your construction without delay, with your trusses delivered to fit your schedule seamlessly. Speak to us directly to discuss the design you’re looking for, as well as the size and any material preferences, particularly if you’re looking for feature roof trusses that you might want to look aesthetically pleasing as well as having the strength you’d expect from Leach Trusses trusses. 

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Are you considering installing timber roof trusses in your residential or commercial build on the Sunshine Coast?

Our experts at Leach Trusses have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about timber roof trusses to help you make an informed decision about your building project.

Which Are Stronger: Timber Roof Trusses or Rafters?

While rafters are heavier and made of more wood than trusses, trusses are stronger and use fewer materials to achieve the same effect. Timber is lightweight and can withstand a lot of pressure because it is made of strands of fibre, so it is a great material to use to distribute the weight of the roof away from the walls of your property.

Are Timber Roof Trusses Durable?

Our timber roof trusses are fully treated before they are installed to prevent them from rotting and being attacked by pests.

Can I Install An Attic if I Have Timber Roof Trusses?

Timber roof trusses can take up quite a lot of space in your home and may not leave much room for a functional attic. It is possible to install timber roof trusses that will leave a small attic space, but this will usually be half the space of the truss.

Are Timber Roof Trusses Energy-Efficient?

Compared to steel roof trusses, timber roof trusses are great insulators and are a much better material to keep your house warm.

Are Timber Roof Trusses Cost-Effective?

Timber roof trusses are extremely cost-effective because they are lightweight, easy to transport and don’t need to be installed with heavy, specialist machinery. They can also cut down the amount of time it takes to complete your building project because they can be manufactured before they reach your site, making your building project more affordable and efficient.

Are Timber Roof Trusses Eco-Friendly?

Compared to steel and concrete, timber has a much smaller carbon footprint as much less energy is used in its manufacture. It’s also a renewable construction material, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to build your home in an eco-friendly way.

Can Timber Roof Trusses be Combined with Other Components?

Yes, timber roof trusses are incredibly versatile and can be amalgamated with several other structural installations, such as steel beams and glued laminated timber. The partitions created in the construction of timber roof trusses can be moved around without compromising your property’s structural integrity.

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