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Specialising In Timber Roof Trusses

Leach Trusses have supplied high quality timber roof trusses to the building industry on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas since 1978.

Commercial builders, residential builders, handymen, owner builders and DIY-ers all use our roof trusses. Our roof trusses are used for building or renovating commercial buildings and residential buildings.

They have been used on houses, sheds, extensions, townhouses, units, factories, granny flats, pergolas, pool sheds, even cubby houses!

In other words, anything that needs a roof needs our roof trusses! Call 07 5494 1077 Today!

Roof Trusses Sunshine Coast

Honesty, Quality, Service and Competitive Pricing.

Our 40 years in the industry gives you the confidence that we know what we are doing.

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Extensive Building Knowledge

At Leach Trusses, we understand our customer’s expectations on quality, service and knowledge. Our building experience is extensive on all methods of building and design with over 100 years of combined experience.

This not only means we can help with many facets of the construction process, but we make quality roof trusses from experience, with the expectation of no delays or rectifications ever needed on site. Call 07 5494 1077 or email us now for a free quote.

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Delivered On Time Every Time

With our dispatch man having over decades of experience in the industry, he knows how important it is to have deliveries there on time when you need it. All of our supply times are honest and have been calculated so you can plan ahead.We pride ourselves that your roof trusses are delivered on time every time.

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Quality, Service & Integrity

Leach Trusses is a family-owned and operated business meaning quality, service and integrity are always our main aim. We don’t compromise on quality – we do not make a cheap roof to win a job. We care about our customers and our reputation.

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Saving You Time & Money

Timber roof trusses are lighter and far less labour intensive than hand pitching a roof on site. Our timber roof trusses are designed, and manufactured at our premises to suit each individual building with strength of design and speed of construction in mind.

With 40 years of manufacturing roof trusses, we understand what is required by the builder to construct a strong and workable roof structure. This means a product that will save you time and money and give you confidence that it is done correctly.

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Consistent & Competitive Prices

No games are played here with pricing. We will not give you a cheap product for a cheap price or charge you more just because the market is busy. Our pricing is always consistent and not guided by the supply and demand in the market.

Contact us today to witness our honesty, quality and consistently competitive pricing.

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Our Point Of Difference

We bring a personal and knowledgeable approach to every project we work on, with many years of experience with plans and trusses, and by using our knowledge of designs and drafting we can save you a lot of time and stress by us seeing conflicts at the design stage before they happen, we also offer a solution to help rectify any problems if possible.

This is just one of many reasons our clients love to deal with us and why they keep coming back!

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